The Spartan Air EDRWS™

U.S. Patent #9,844,306

Electronics Dust Removal Work Station

If you build or repair any type of electronic components, including computers, dust is a constant problem. The patented Spartan Air EDRWS is the solution!

  • It safely removes dust from all types of electronic components, including computer hardware
  • The unit controls electrostatic discharge, saving electrical components from being destroyed
  • Uses onboard compressed air, eliminates the use of canned, compressed air
  • Captures the removed dust, keeping the shop area clean
  • Protects the technicians breathing zone, pulling dust downward into high efficiency, washable filtration
  • The unit is on locking wheels, is portable and can be easily moved
  • Uses standard single phase, 120 volt, plug in electric

Most electronics dust removal products are a messy inconvenience.  Spartan Air Electronics Dust Removal system design makes removing dust from the inside of a computer, server, and most electronic components easy and hassle-free! 

The Spartan Air EDRWS Electronics Dust Removal Work Station–your safe, fast and
efficient electronics dust removal solution.

This is a one-of-a-kind electronics dust cleaning device is a portable and self-contained work station that combines compressed air cleaning, downdraft dust collection, and anti-static technology in one work station. The EDRWS provides safe, fast, efficient dust removal work without contaminating indoor air, prevents dust from covering other electronic components, and most importantly, keeps the technician’s breathing zone free from dust. Cleaning dust from electronics has its benefits and it begins with the Spartan Air EDRWS!

More Than Just a Cleaning

Stop overheating in a PC by removing dust particles within it. We ensure a thorough cleaning job from the inside including dust control in data centers. Rest assured that Spartan Air EDRWS works as both a dust removal tool and a sophisticated piece of air purification equipment. Unlike your traditional computer and electronics dust removal solutions, the Spartan Air EDRWS is built around your specific needs.

The Spartan Air EDRWS comes standard with the following features:

  • Air compressor system with correct tools to safely remove dust from the computer or other electronic equipment
  • A work surface with down draft airflow to capture the dust removed from your electronic component. In addition, an industrial turntable to easily reach all areas of your equipment
  • A grounding system that eliminates static electric discharge that can be harmful to any electronic component

Why Clean The Dust From Your Computer?
(and other electronic components)

Why The Spartan Air EDRWS?

  • Can be used in almost any indoor environment
  • Complete portable work station with compressed air, dust collection, and anti-static technology in one movable unit
  • Keeps your work area clean and free from dust
  • Safe, fast, and efficient
  • No need to hire a technician to perform dust removal from electronic components

Still have questions about the Spartan Air Electronics Dust Removal Work Station? You can always contact our office at 800-972-3557 or visit the various pages on our website to learn about the many features, advantages, and pricing guide of this groundbreaking dust removal technology.

man working on computer dust removal work station

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