How the Spartan Air EDRWS Works!

Cleaning dust from a computer or any electronic component has always been a problem. Vacuuming has been tried, but this creates static charge along with breakage of delicate components. Canned compressed air has also been tried, and this has proven to be expensive and sloppy, to the point that computers had to be taken outdoors to clean.

The solution is here! The Spartan Air  Electronics Dust Removal Work Station provides the right system to clean electronics indoors, using the combination of an on-board air compressor, a down-draft dust collection work surface and anti-static technology. Thanks to the Spartan Air EDRWS’s grated work surface and industrial turntable, you will achieve an efficient dust removal, without dust going throughout your shop.

cleaning computer dust

Without EDRWS

cleaning computer dust using air compressor


Using the compressed air line, you can now begin cleaning dust from your electronic device. Simply direct the air compressor’s cleaning tool at the contaminated components, such as the heat sink, fans, processors, etc. and spray compressed air. The Spartan Air EDRWS’s Work Surface is a 24” X 36” grated rubber-coated table. As you remove dust from your computer, the blower draws dust away from your eyes and breathing space, while pulling it into the Spartan Air EDRWS filters. As you work, the industrial turntable can be rotated as desired, allowing you to expel dust from every nook and cranny. Since the dust doesn’t billow into your workspace, the Spartan Air EDRWS is the perfect PC dust removal device to clean electronics indoors.

After placing the open computer cabinet on the provided turntable, attach the anti-static grounding wire to the frame of the cabinet. Place the provided anti-static/anti-fatigue mat in front of the EDRWS and attach the anti-static ground wire to the metal frame of the EDRWS. Turn on the system, along with the onboard air compressor, and you are ready to start cleaning. Always stand on the provided anti-static/anti-fatigue mat!

As you blow dust from the computer cabinet, it is pulled downward and captured with high-efficiency filtration. The clean air is returned directly back into the work area.

The EDRWS allows for safe, fast, efficient dust removal, without contaminating indoor air. It also provides dust removal from electronic components and keeps dust from reaching the other components that are in the work area. Finally, and most importantly, it keeps the technician’s breathing zone free from dust!