About The CDRWS

The Efficiency of Compressed Air Cleaning

Thanks to the Spartan Air CDRWS’s grated workspace, you still get efficient computer dust removal, without kicking dust into your workspace. Air compressors are a quick way to clean dust from electronic components. The product allows you to get into hard to reach components and successfully complete computer dust removal. The only issue? It causes dust to billow and get into your workspace! Eventually the dust will settle and cover other near by components. Spartan Air CDRWS’s workspace is the best of both worlds–a clean computer space with no wild dust particles suffocating the crack of your keyboard and computer. Why not use it?

The Dust Removal Traits of a Vacuum

Cleaning dust from electronic components is possible using a vacuum, but ill-advised. Not only is the process inefficient, but vacuums are notorious for emitting static discharge, which is lethal to computer components. However, that’s not to understate the value of physically removing dust from your workspace. The Spartan Air CDRWS has a grated workspace, complete with a blowing system that sucks up any dust particles. Since it also comes with a grounding wire, you never have to worry about static discharge on your electronic components!

Best of the Best

Above all else, there are no products on the market that offers all the advantages of the Spartan Air CDRWS system. Computer dust removal is safe, efficient and easy when you combine all the components of our product. By combining the efficiency of compressed air cleaning and the dust removal traits of vacuums, not only are we highlighting the two systems strengths, we are masking their shortcomings as well.

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