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HowThe SpartanAir CDRWSWorks:

Do you know how to effectively remove dust from a computer without hiring a

The Spartan Air CDRWS is a portable,self-contained work station, used to remove dust from computers, computer servers and a other electronic components. This unit combines compressed air cleaning, downdraft dust collection and anti-static technology in one system. The mobile unit can be placed in almost any indoor location, and plugged into a standard 20 amp wall socket. The on-board compressor is used to blow the dust safely from the electronic components. The dust is then pulled downward, and captured with high efficiency filtration. The clean air is then recirculated back into the shop. The CDRWS allows for safe, fast, efficient dust removal, without contaminating the indoor air, prevents dust from covering other electronic components, and most importantly keeps the technicians breathing zone free from dust.

TypicalApplications: Computer dust removal/cleaning; Computer servers and most electronic components Standard Features

  • Rubber coated steel grate work surface
  • 36” wide x 24” deep work area
  • Sealed light fixture
  • Removable back and hinged side shields
  • Industrial swivel casters with front locking
  • Industrial turntable
  • Anti-Static cabinet ground wire
  • Anti-Static/Anti fatigue mat
  • Factory pre-wired
  • On-board air compressor with coil hose
  • Designated compressed air cleaning tool
  • Washable primary filter/disposable pre-filter


    • Overall Dimensions:Without back/side shields –38” H x 42”W x 27” D. With back/side shields –70” H x 42”W x 27” D.
    • Weight: 300 lbs. actual 350 lbs. shipping.
    • Cabinet: 14 Ga.Welded steel, w/powder coat finish.
    • Filtration: One Primary filter – washable, 99.995 % efficient @ .5 microns and above. One Pre-filter – disposable, with dust tackifier.
    • FilterAccess: Top load, no tools required.
    • Motor/blower: 1/3 HP, single phase,120V, 60 HZ, direct drive, 6 AMP. Includes factory wired on/off switch.
    • Compressor motor: 1½ HP, single phase, 120V, 60 HZ, 10 AMP. Includes factory wired on/off switch.

Note: 50 PSI factory setting is recommended.

  • Electrical: 120Volt, single phase with 8 ft. plug in, grounded power cord. Note: Use designated 20 AMP, 120 volt receptical.
  • Sound Level: 76 DBA with motor blower on, measured at operator
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